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Adding a deck to your home gives you a great outdoor space for entertaining, cooking out or relaxing. A wooden deck increases your property value, too. LHC Services has been building decks in the Richmond, Virginia area, including Midlothian, Chesterfield, and Powhatan for almost 20 years, and we’re proud of the creative, quality decks we’ve installed.

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Deck Design and Build by LHC Services

With a team from LHC Services, you will rest assured that your deck will be more functional, strong and beautiful. We design and build decks with the right process that transform your home into most enjoyable place.


Richmond's Superior Deck Builder - "Decking is our work"

Decking is our passion. We love building decks with the finest materials and options possible. As part of our daily job, we built, repaired and replaced old decks over 2000+ in Richmond Area.  We have hundreds of happy customers. 100% customer satisfaction is our top priority.


Composite Decking

Made primarily from recycled plastic, wood chips, or sawdust, composite deck material is the right choice for an almost maintenance-free deck.

  • Cost is higher and colder to the touch than cedar, but composite decks don’t rot, twist, or splinter.
  • You can stain composite, but the existing coloring is even and boards a free from defects.
  • The only maintenance required is washing.

Getting the right deck built for our customers requires experience and expertise. We’re known for designing decks in a variety of styles for a range of budgets. Contact the LHC Services team today to talk about the deck that’s right for you!

Vinyl Decking

Vinyl is another material that can be used to build decks. Some say it’s the best material to build decks and to be fair to them, there are some valid reasons that can back this notion.
It has that luxury look that all homeowners want. The best thing about vinyl decking is its customizability. You can add any color you want which is one of the many reasons why people go for vinyl decking in the first place. It comes in a variety of color shades and the best part is it’s more resistant to color fading. Basically, it means that your deck will remain young for a long time. That is exactly what you want as a homeowner. You want your deck to last longer.

But this is not the only reason why vinyl decking is popular. Like composite decks, vinyl decks are also easy to maintain. That’s probably the best aspect of a vinyl deck. You won’t have to worry about repainting or staining. Just make sure to clean it properly and your deck will be fine. That’s the basic maintenance every deck needs. So it won’t be a problem. Furthermore, It’s water-resistant which means you won’t have to worry if you spill water on the floor.
The durability of vinyl decks is quite impressive. Obviously, it won’t last forever. Eventually, it will get old and you will have to rebuild it. But good vinyl decks(that are well built) tend to last longer. Your deck is not going to have issues like cracking, splintering, or rotting. Vinyl is more resistant to UV, mold, and mildew. So if you consider all the aspects, you can understand why a vinyl deck is such a popular alternative to a wood deck
Now, whether you build a composite deck, wooden deck, or a vinyl deck, you need experts and

Wood Decking

It is the original; it is the classic and indeed it’s the most traditional material that is used to build decks. In fact, at one time when plastic material like polyethylene was not invented,  wood was the most common material to build decks, houses, or furniture. Even in the modern era, wood is widely used because it has that aesthetic and natural vibe. Most homeowners love that aspect and that’s why they are prone to wood decks. So needless to say that it’s still the most popular material for building decks.

So what’s the reason behind its popularity and why most homeowners love wood decks so much?

Well, as we said, it’s natural and traditional. So somehow people have a connection with wood. A wood deck gives the homeowners the warmth and comfort they look for. It’s not rocket science by any means. People are bound to love wood decks.

But that is not the only reason why people love it. There are plenty of other reasons why homeowners go for the wood deck.

Firstly, let’s talk about durability. Now, the thing is that the durability of a wood deck depends on the quality of the wood. If the quality is decent, then it will last longer than the composite or vinyl decks. But that won’t be the case if the quality of the wood is not something to brag about. If you use something like Southern pine and Western fir, then the durability of your deck will be less. It won’t be terrible but you may want something better.

Maintaining it can be an issue. The wood is not water-resistant. It’s better to keep it nice and dry. Not to mention that you’ll have to clean it every day. Despite that, wood decks are extremely popular and more often than not people go for the wood deck. The last thing you need to keep in mind is that installing a wood deck is difficult compared to composite or vinyl decks. You’ll need efficient and skilled people to do the job.

Why choose LHC Services to build your deck?

In Richmond, there are many deck building companies. To be honest, some of them are quite good. They have some of the most efficient and skilled people who have years of experience in this industry. So why choose us? Why choose LHC Services? What can we offer? Well, let’s talk about it-

Fair pricing

This is probably the strongest aspect of our company. Good deck building companies in Richmond can be a bit expensive and this is where we stand out. We provide quality service but at the same time, our services are affordable. Most of our customers feel that our pricing is fair. Now, we are not claiming that we are the most affordable deck company in Richmond VA. There are other companies that charge less. But the quality of their services is bad, to say the least.

Meet Deadline

You want to hire people who can meet the deadline. You don’t want to hire some unprofessional and insincere guys who will take too long and waste your precious time. LHC Services has a good reputation for finishing the job even before the deadline. Our clients will vouch for that.

Provide High-Quality Materials

We use top-notch materials to build your dream deck. In fact, we have to use good materials because we need to make sure that your deck lasts longer. No matter what kind of deck we build, we make sure that the materials are decent.

Customer Satisfaction

Our primary goal is to make sure that you are satisfied. Your satisfaction means everything to us and we want to do everything to make sure that you are fully satisfied. Almost all of our clients felt good about their deck and we take great pride in that.


We are extremely active and available for our customers. Just call us and you’ll understand what we are talking about. No matter what kind of question you have on your mind, you can ask us and we’ll answer.

Experienced and Professional

No matter what kind of work you are into, people will always see whether you are experienced or not. When it comes to having experienced people, LHC Services is far superior compared to other companies. Most of our guys are experienced and they know what they are doing. They have been in this industry for years and all of them have that professional mindset. As a result, they are efficient and skilled.

Deck Staining

If your deck is looking worn and in need of a little extra care, our professional deck staining services are the solution. LHC Services is your reliable Richmond outdoor living contractor, we offer professional deck staining and refinishing services that are certain to renew the quality of your outdoor decks.

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Your deck should meet your personal needs. LHC Services’ team will ask you several questions to ensure we deliver a deck that you enjoy and value.

If you plan to entertain, we’ll find out whether you have large events or more intimate gatherings. Do you like to grill? We’ll explore adding an outdoor kitchen area. Maybe your family likes to garden or to cozy up to a fire on a chilly evening. All these interests will be considered in the design.

We want to ensure you have enough space for your activities and plenty of room to navigate around your deck. We’ll ask you about the amount, size, type and placement of furniture you envision for the area.

Whether you pay a contractor for maintenance or prefer the DIY approach, a wooden deck requires annual pressure-washing and sealing. Lower maintenance materials like wood composites or PVC are available to keep your deck in excellent condition with less work.

Usually, a large deck will be around 20 percent of your home’s square footage, but we can create bigger spaces that don’t overwhelm your house. Curves and angles can be incorporated for unique visual appeal.

We’ll review your property and discuss deck placement that will provide beautiful focal points from inside the house and from the deck. Planning can avoid sunset glares or encourage your guests to turn toward a great view.

Some customers like their deck to be a natural extension of their house, while others want the deck to stand out as a separate space. If you want your deck to include access to your yard, we recommend a transitional stairway or walkway made of concrete as complementary material.

Some deck designs are flat with no skirting railings or overhead rails, while others include multiple elements for visual impact. With raised decks, we recommend decorative skirting or, to make use of the space under the deck, the installation of a concrete patio.

Richmond area weather is generally mild, but when July’s 90-degree days arrive, you may enjoy a little shade on your deck. We’ll discuss options such as a pergola, privacy screens, or vertical gardens and incorporate your choices into our design.

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