LHC Services is the best, period. The main thing that compels me to recommend LHC Services is the fact that most of the employees here are so experienced and building a garage is just a cake to them.


My wife and I needed a garage and LHC Services delivered it. My wife and I were a bit skeptical at first but after talking to them, all of our doubts were gone. We just knew that they were perfect for this job. They just knew what to do and they did not disappoint us.


Before contacting LHC Services, I contacted other contractors in Richmond. But sadly none of them could live up to my expectation. They couldn’t answer some of the simplest of questions regarding garage building. I almost gave up. But after contacting LHC Services, I changed my mind and I don’t regret it.


Extremely impressed with the LHC guys. Just loved the way they went about their job. The company has some of the best people for the job and I was lucky enough to pick them. They did not do too much on the first day. They just asked some basic questions. The next day they just started working in full swing and finished the job even before the deadline.


Well, to be honest, I didn’t really know anything about LHC. As I needed a garage desperately, one of my friends advised me to hire these LHC folks and I wasn’t disappointed. They were sincere about their job and I am extremely happy with the garage.


Overall speaking, they did a pretty good job. I was impressed by their approach. I wasn’t sure whether I should build a garage or not because I did not know anything about building a garage. This is where I am really grateful to LHC Services because no matter what kind of questions I had on my mind, they answered all of my questions with patience.


LHC Services was great. I was a bit skeptical at first. But after working with them, all of my skepticism was gone. In Short Pump area, LHC Services is probably the best (At least from my point of view). All thanks must go to Lee and his crew. I wanted a concrete patio and they made a beautiful one. My neighbors loved it. But most importantly, my wife loved it. And we all know, “Happy Wife, Happy Life.”


Anthony Deluca

I don’t know about others but they did a pretty good job with my project. I live in Midlothan and I wanted to build a concrete basketball court for me and my son. But we had very little space to offer, and I wasn’t sure whether I should hire a contractor or not. If the people I hired weren’t professionals, they could have messed it up. But hands down, they did a good job.

Daniel King

“PROFESSIONAL”- If I had to describe LHC Services in a single word, then this would be it. Lee had a great team and I was really impressed with their professionalism and sincerity. Man, they just knew what needed to be done. I was looking for a concrete contractor like this in Richmond and I will recommend LHC SERVICES to my friends without thinking twice.

Curtis K Walker

Lee and his crew did a great job with a tricky deck installation. Great price and passed all my HOA requirements. Lots of compliments from the neighbors. Will be calling him back for our fence needs!

Jay M