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If you like your Richmond area neighborhood but would like more room or updated spaces in your house, consider an addition from LHC Services.  Remodeling or adding new space gives you the opportunity to customize your home to fit your style and your needs.  You may be able to repurpose your existing garage, for example, and build a new garage. Alternatively, if your house is newly built, LHC can construct a garage to match your home’s architecture while adding value, space, and convenience to your property.

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Why choose LHC Services to build your garage?

Well, there are plenty of other companies that can build you a garage. While there are some bad companies out there, you will find people who can build your dream garage. So why pick us? What can we offer? Well, we feel there are plenty of reasons for you to choose LHC Services over other garage building companies in Richmond VA.

Sincere, experienced professional employees

LHC will offer you some of the most sincere guys who are extremely passionate about their job. One of the best aspects of our company is that we never get tired of answering your questions. It’s one of the many reasons why our clients give us positive feedback. Plus, most of our employees are vastly experienced and they have built some of the most beautiful garages in Richmond. So almost all of them are skilled and they know what they have to do.

Reasonable Price

Some of the garage construction companies in Richmond VA charge way more than they should. Sometimes garage construction cost in Richmond VA  is almost unfair. But LHC Services has a reputation for being affordable and reasonable. We don’t charge too much, and most of our clients are happy with the pricing.

Respecting the Deadline

When you hire some people to build your garage, you want to make sure that they do the job properly. You don’t want to rush it but at the same time, you don’t want them to take too long because that will be extremely annoying. The thing about LHC Services is that we finish the job on time. The moment we are done, we will just disappear and let you enjoy your beautiful new garage. So there is no hassle.

Satisfying the customers to the best of our ability

We have the dedication and the passion to make our customers jubilant. Our customers are everything to us. Let’s be real- without happy customers, no business can survive. For a business to flourish, one has to make sure that the customers are happy. It’s the most basic principle, and It’s a fact.

So these are some of the reasons why we feel that LHC Services is the best garage builder contractor in Richmond. We have everything to be a successful company, and you can trust us to build the garage for you.

LHC Services — Approach to Home Additions

Like any home project, an addition starts with a plan.  As you evaluate your options, it’s important to assess how much value the addition will add to your home.  We’ll help you determine if your investment in new space will increase your home’s value accordingly.  Spending $50,000 on an addition that only adds $30,000 in value to your home may lead you to revise your plan.

The LHC Services team will ask you several questions before starting our design work for your remodel or addition.  These include:

• How much more space (square feet) do you want? Ideally, the size and scale of your addition should match or at least complement the structure of your current house. It’s tempting to go big with your wish list but having a space disproportionately large will diminish your home’s curb appeal.

• What will the space be used for? The cost of adding a new bedroom will be different from building a playroom for your children.  Design elements such as doors, windows, ceiling height, and roof lines will reflect the purpose of the room and the present appearance of your house.

• Can we repurpose existing space like the attic, porch, basement, or garage to meet your needs? This approach may provide cost savings in materials, time, building permits, and project complexity. We may recommend additional square footage with this approach, but it will be a combination of remodeling and new construction to reduce project costs.


Our expertise with concrete means your garage foundation will be durable and stable. We have the knowledge to add electrical power, lighting, and outlets to your space. For larger garages, we can even incorporate plumbing and sinks for clean up or small 1/2-baths with toilets and showers. We’ll ventilate and insulate your garage, too, to meet building code standards and your needs.
Exterior materials can complement your home’s design and fit your budget, and roofing material including shingles, fascia, eave troughs, and soffits will match your existing house.
Ready to enhance your home with a beautiful (and useful) addition or garage? Contact our team to set up an appointment or to get more information. LHC Services has been helping customers in the Richmond, Midlothian, Chesterfield, and Powhatan communities increase the value of their homes since 2000. We have the experience and skills to create the right space for you!

Richmond’s best garage builder: Rely on us to build your dream Garage

Yes, we are indeed the best garage builders in Richmond VA.  A garage is something that most people need because it extends your home and makes sure that you can keep more stuff there. But the garage has to be well built and well designed. That’s why you need professionals to do the job. At the end of the day, you need professionals who have experience in this field. Rest assured that LHC Services has some of the best people for the job. So will recommend you to rely on our skill. We will help you to design and build your dream garage.

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LHC Services – Tips for Garage Construction

Our initial focus with garages is on the design. It’s important to balance the size of the garage with the surrounding yard. Our approach blends the use of your garage to protect your vehicle(s) with additional uses such as workspaces and storage.

Garage Construction Tip 1

For example, the dimensions of a single-car garage would be 12 feet wide by 20 feet deep. If you want a workspace, we’d recommend an additional six feet in width or 10 feet in depth, whichever fits best on your property.

Garage Construction Tip 2

Another consideration is whether your garage is attached to your house or in a separate area. An attached garage may offer some cost savings but may add complexity depending on the structure of your roof and which area of the existing home is affected. A detached garage could give you more space but may cost more depending on your size requirements.

Garage Construction Tip 3

Although the Richmond area does get about one-foot of snow each year, you may want the cost-effective and simple option of a carport. Your vehicles will be protected from the weather, and we can incorporate some storage units within the structure, too.

Garage Construction Tip 4

Finally, we’ll explore the best height for your garage. Attached garages typically have the same roofline as your house. New construction can deliver more height for overhead storage or an additional living area like a loft. The LHC Services team will check with local building departments to understand regulations about size, design, and location of your garage.


LHC Services is the best, period. The main thing that compels me to recommend LHC Services is the fact that most of the employees here are so experienced and building a garage is just a cake to them.


My wife and I needed a garage and LHC Services delivered it. My wife and I were a bit skeptical at first but after talking to them, all of our doubts were gone. We just knew that they were perfect for this job. They just knew what to do and they did not disappoint us.


Before contacting LHC Services, I contacted other contractors in Richmond. But sadly none of them could live up to my expectation. They couldn’t answer some of the simplest of questions regarding garage building. I almost gave up. But after contacting LHC Services, I changed my mind and I don’t regret it.


Extremely impressed with the LHC guys. Just loved the way they went about their job. The company has some of the best people for the job and I was lucky enough to pick them. They did not do too much on the first day. They just asked some basic questions. The next day they just…


Well, to be honest, I didn’t really know anything about LHC. As I needed a garage desperately, one of my friends advised me to hire these LHC folks and I wasn’t disappointed. They were sincere about their job and I am extremely happy with the garage.


Overall speaking, they did a pretty good job. I was impressed by their approach. I wasn’t sure whether I should build a garage or not because I did not know anything about building a garage. This is where I am really grateful to LHC Services because no matter what kind of questions I had on…