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LHC Services – Landscaping

Cultivating grass seeds and creating a green and beautiful lawn from them is not as easy as you think. It takes time, labor, patients, efforts, passion, and most importantly appropriate weather. Even if you invest your valuable time and efficiency to create a beautiful lawn, if God doesn’t bless you with great weather, you might get disappointed with your lawn. Well, don’t worry. LHC Services is here to help you to build your dream lawn with 100% beauty and accuracy. Our sod installation providers have decades of experience in breeding and caring healthy and dazzling lawn for you. You can blindly trust our sod installation services to add greenery in front of your house.

Why choose sod installation

There are various types of lawn. So why choose the sod installation? Well, the answer can’t be described in one sentence. Because there are numerous benefits of sod installation comparing to other traditional forms of lawn building. Let’s have a look at the bright sides of the sod installation.

  1. Instant lawn

The first and major advantage of sod installation is that it gives you the benefit of having a lawn in no time. If you are planning to start from scratch and go for the traditional way of creating a lawn, it will take you at least 18 months or more. During this time your lawn would look bad, unattractive, unprofessional, and dull. And most importantly, you won’t be able to enjoy your lawn at its full potential. You have to wait till the complete plantation of seeds to play and entertain on your lawn. But we assure you quick and instant use of your lawn with our sod installation. You will be able to enjoy your lawn just after two weeks of sod installation.

  1. Less maintenance

Sod doesn’t require too much irrigation after installation. For the first two weeks, you just have to water the lawn two times a day. Whereas a traditional lawn would take a minimum of 4 to 5 times of watering per day. So it is really easy and less time-consuming to maintain a sod lawn.

  1. Prevention of soil erosion

You will have fully mature grass after sod installation. So you will have the leverage of your lawn controlling the soil erosion, dust, and mud. It will act as a filter to keep dust and dirt away from your house air.

  1. Thick and lush lawn

Our sod installation experts plant the pieces together in the tightest way. It gives you an even, thick, and lush lawn. You won’t find any bare spot like a traditional lawn which can hamper the overall look.

LHS Services sod installation process

Sod installation is a tricky job. It takes expert hands as the process is consist of quite a few steps which can’t be done properly without experience. There are so many different aspects to be taken care of. As responsible sod installation professionals, our experts will inform you regularly with all the updates of your lawn. We know that sod installation is an investment just like any other feature of your house. And we understand that you deserve to feel comfortable and stress-free by knowing that the job is taken care of by experienced professionals. The major steps of sod installation are:

  • The first step is to clear away the existing grass and weeds. Then give the yard a good clean up.
  • Another important step is to single out all the existing sprinkle heads. And if the yard doesn’t have any sprinkler then planning the spots to implant them.
  • Amending and gardening the soil is the third step. It helps to loosen the soil and enhance the chances of healthy root growth. We also make sure that the soil perfectly gardened so that it is evenly leveled and drains properly after sod installing. We also use the top dressing to resurface the necessary spots of the yard.
  • Our sod installation professionals apply a close joint manner to implant the sods. This manner of the plantation is necessary to avoid all kinds of water runoff with the new sod.
  • Setting up the irrigation system or sprinklers to ensure an ample amount of water supply to the seeds.

Fresh sod care

Fresh sod needs different types of maintenance. The first three weeks are the most crucial time for fresh sod. For the first two weeks, avoid walking too much on the lawn. Water the lawn 2 to 3 times properly. But make sure the sod is dry out before watering. Your lawn would be okay to have 1 to 2 times water after two weeks. And after three weeks you need to start mowing the lawn. But make sure you never mow the grass more than 1/3 the length. Now, if these feel a little complicated, let us help you with that. As the first two to three weeks of fresh sod care is as crucial as the installation. We will be delighted to give you fresh sod maintenance services so that you can enjoy the lawn for years.

Hardscaping installation and maintenance

Your hardscape features like hardscape patio, driveway, or sideway can act as the first impression of your entire house. So why not trust experienced hands to build a killer impression with our hardscape installation and maintenance services. We will help you to achieve your dream outdoor living area with unique, durable, elegant, and budget-friendly hardscape features. From traditional hardscape surfaces to exclusive constructions like the stone fire pit, water-mountain, or various lighting features, we are here to provide you everything. We use the best quality materials to ensure construction longevity. And our expert designers are always here to understand your hardscape vision properly so that we can turn that vision into reality in the most cost-effective way.

LHC Services is in the outdoor living solution providing business for more than two decades. Our passion, skill, knowledge, and experience make us an ultimate option for important outdoor solutions like sod installation and hardscaping. Sod installation and hardscaping are long-time investment. Let us give you the peace of mind of achieving your best result for the investment.



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