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Screened porches are a great way to enjoy the ‘Goldilocks’ weather in the Richmond, Virginia area. For most of the year, it’s not too hot or too cold, making outdoor entertaining and activities a big part of daily life.

A moderate climate without long-term deep freezes, however, means our region can become bug-filled beginning in spring through early winter. How do you make the most of the beautiful Virginia weather without having to do battle with insects? A screened porch from LHC Services!


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Why Invest in a Screened Porch

Beyond bug-control, a screened porch offers you and your family several benefits. You’ll gain:

More Space

An expanded living area. You’ll add space with a screened porch, but more importantly, you’ll have a unique space that brings the outdoors inside.

Piece of Mind

A quiet space for relaxation Twilight contemplation or early-morning stretches are easily accomplished with a screened porch.


A room for entertaining You can bring the barbecue under cover while still savoring the warm breezes of a summer night.


Added value for your home Improve the ‘curb appeal’ of your home with an attractive screened porch and increase the square footage for potential buyers.

Great for Rainy Days

A play area for children or grandchildren. Rainy days aren’t a problem with a screened porch since children have a safe, dry space to have fun while listening to the raindrops.

Having experience of 2 decades, we know how to build screened porches. We have a great team of professionals who know how to get the job done. If you even need consultation or help from the best screen porch company in Richmond, just Call 804-291-8273

• Modified Wood: Made from sustainably sourced softwoods with a non-toxic liquid injected into it the density of this wood is as durable as a tropical hardwood.
Composite Material: Made primarily from recycled plastic, wood chips, or sawdust, composites aren’t appropriate to build the structure of your porch but can be used for railings and flooring.
Durable, low-maintenance framing for your porch is important, but the screening we use is equally vital to making sure your porch has proper ventilation and visibility. Options for your porch screens include:
Fiberglass: This low-cost option is popular because it is flexible which prevents the creasing that occurs with some metal screens. It’s also reflective to reduce glare and maximize visibility. It does, however, tear more easily than other screen materials. You can get fiberglass screening in several colors: silver grey, charcoal or black.

Pet Screening: Made from vinyl coated polyester, pet screens can be seven times stronger than metal screens. You’ll have less visibility, however, so we recommend installing pet screening along the lower portion of your porch below a railing or mid-point. Pet screening is more expensive than other materials but may be worth the price to avoid replacing traditional screening.
Ready to get started on your screened porch? We install in the Richmond, Virginia area, including Midlothian, Chesterfield, and Powhatan. Contact the LHC Services team today, and you’ll soon be enjoying the benefits of the outdoors (without the bugs!)

Why Choose LHC Services


We’ve been building screened porches for almost 20 years. When you call or contact us, we’ll schedule a convenient time to look at your current porch or review spaces for adding one.

We Fit Your Budget

We’ll find out how you plan to use your screened porch, what you’d like the look and feel to be, and what you’d like to spend on the project.

Your Style

The porch layout and design will reflect your style and integrate with your home’s architecture. We’ll work with you to identify the best option for the porch framing and railings.

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Screened-in Porch Planning Tips

Screened porches are extremely popular these days. With so many design ideas, it’s difficult to build a screen porch that is ideal for your home. So we have decided to come up with some tips-

Consider the door

This is the first thing that you must keep in mind. Basically, you need to know what type of door you should use. It’s better to use aluminum doors rather than wood doors because they tend to sag.

Evaluate all aspects of screening

There is one thing that we recommend strongly and that is to stay far away from hand-stretched screening. The aluminum creases easily and it becomes difficult to replace the screen. That’s why we highly discourage it. It’s a good idea to use fiberglass screens. The material does not crease. it’s also better to use gray or charcoal tinted screen.

Consider the light

Sadly if you do decide to build a screened porch, it will eventually reduce the amount of natural light that illuminates your room. After knowing that, do you really want to build a screen porch? Well, that is something you have to decide for yourself. Building a screen porch obviously has some tremendous benefits. But it also has a minor setback. As a homeowner, you are the one who needs to decide for yourself.

Account for the electrical needs

You have to know the number of outlets you will need and you’ll also have to know the number of ceiling fans you need to attach. A lot of homeowners want to install wall-mounted flat screen television. If you do want to install a TV, it will require running cable and other wiring.

Pick the correct ceiling

Now, this is extremely important and crucial. You need to decide what type of ceiling you want. You can go for a flat ceiling or you can choose the cathedral. If you want your screened porch to have that interior room feel, then pick the flat ceiling.  On the other hand, the cathedral will give you that “outdoorsy” feel. So pick the ceiling that suits you.

Consult with someone who is professional

Lastly, you should try to consult with someone who is professional in this field. In that case, LHC Services can be an option for you. We are here for you. You can always depend on us because you can get help from the best porch builder in Richmond.

Screened Porch Maintenance

Maintenance Tips-1: Clean Regularly

This is probably the most basic maintenance tip. Sweep the porch and make sure that there is no dust on the surface. Scrub or mob the floor if necessary. Above all, just make sure that the porch is clean.

Maintenance Tips-2: Re-seal the wood

If your screen porch is made of composite or PVC products, then you can just skip this advice. However, if your screened porch is constructed with pressure-treated wood, then you need to reseal the wood once in a while.  We recommend that you re-seal the wood every five years.

 Maintenance Tips-3: Adjusting the screen door

After a while, the screen door may begin to drag. So opening or closing the door will be a bit tough.  If left unchecked, it will become extremely annoying. So you need to adjust your screen door. You don’t need any professionals for it. You can do it on your own.

Maintenance Tips-4: Re-screen the porch

If the screened porch is well-constructed, then it will last for a long time for sure. But over time, it will decay, and eventually, you’ll need to replace them. There is one piece of advice that we must give and that is to use removable screen panels when you are building the screed porch. That way re-screening it will become extremely easy.

Questions you should ask yourself before building the porch

Now, this is the very first question you must ask yourself as a homeowner. Basically, it will determine how long or deep you want your porch to be. A porch built for dining definitely has different size requirements than a porch with a  small cafe table or small chairs.

If you want entertainment and have the space to do that, then you can use the porch to create dining areas which will help you to provide space for your guests. If to throw a party and invite guests to your house, then you’ll understand how useful a porch can be.

Before building the porch, this is another question you must ask yourself. What are the ways to make your porch comfortable? Well, you can do a lot of things. You can start by adding a fireplace. You can also add a ceiling fan. So whether the weather is cold or hot, you will always feel comfortable.

So these are some of the questions you must ask yourself before building the porch. If you do decide to build a porch, don’t just wonder which one is the “best porch contractor near me”. Just hire us and we’ll do all the work. LHC Services is indeed the best custom porch contractor in Richmond.