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An outdoor patio expands your living space, giving you extra room to relax and entertain family and friends in a beautiful outdoor setting. While you can use gravel or paving stones to build your patio, concrete is becoming a more popular material.


Unadorned grey concrete remains the most popular style for exterior areas, but decorative techniques like stamping can add to the curb appeal and resale value of your home. LHC Services can add a pattern or color to the concrete, creating a drive or pathway that resembles brick, stone, tile, flagstone or even wood.


With quick installation (compared to pavers), low maintenance and affordability, you can get a durable, beautifully customized driveway without paying for custom work.


LHC Services is a Richmond based contractor that also offers solutions if you have a stamped concrete driveway that develops cracks. We have the skills to match the color and texture of the existing material and can make repairs to extend the life of your driveway.


We typically reply within 24 hours. For immediate assistance, call us at 804-291-8273 Thank you!

Why Choose Concrete for Your Patio

A crushed limestone or pea gravel patio may be quick to install, but you may struggle to keep it level and stable. Pavers can create interesting designs but can be expensive to install and difficult to maintain.


A Value-Add to Your Home

A poured or stamped concrete patio can present the appearance of more expensive stone or pavers with significantly lower investment. You’ll increase the resale value of your home with the decorative appeal and durability of concrete.

Long Term Performance

You won’t have to worry about a concrete patio sinking or developing uneven spots that become safety hazards. Concrete stands up to lots of foot traffic, patio furniture, and the elements. To help handle the effects of heat and cold, LHC Services can incorporate rebar grids before pouring your patio. Sealers can be applied to minimize cracking, and cement mixes with reinforcing fibers are available to add strength.


Because concrete takes less time to install compared to pavers or stone and costs less than other materials, your patio will be more affordable.

Minimal Maintenance

A concrete patio requires minimal care. Sweeping away debris and dirt occasionally will reduce staining. Washing and sealing your patio every other year will preserve any added color and help prevent cracks or chips. Your concrete patio’s solid surface means you won’t have to deal with sand-filled gaps that sprout grass and weeds.

Fast Installation

Even with a stamped concrete pattern, your patio will be formed and poured as a slab, which is a quicker process than laying pavers or stone. You’ll have a minimal delay before you can access your yard (and host that first barbecue).

Style Versatility

Poured concrete is smote and can be formed into curved or geometric shapes that fit your space and your design preferences. LHC Services can create a distinctive concrete patio that stands out from your neighbors while blending with your landscaping. You can also choose a style to complement your indoor décor, blending your outside patio seamlessly with your home’s interior. Stains, dyes, and finishes can be added to poured concrete for additional customization beyond the classic flat, light gray of the base material. Concrete can be stamped to resemble stone, tile or brick for interesting, natural-looking patterns. Textures can be added by using exposed aggregate, engraving or stenciling.
Before Stamped Concrete
After Stamped Concrete

Trusted Patio Contractor in Richmond, VA

Unlike other patio contractors, we have a professional team with 2 decades of experience in patio installation and repair.


Why Hire LHC Services to Design and Build Your Concrete Patio

LHC Services specializes in concrete work. We’ve been designing custom concrete patios since 2000 and enjoy working with customers to create a unique space that will endure for years.

  • We have the expertise and tools to handle the delicate process of pouring and stamping concrete. Because decorative concrete stains, tints, and designs are applied to wet cement, the process must take weather and wind into account. We create detailed (and logical) plans to ensure any design work isn’t compromised during the build.
  • We spend time with you developing a patio design that meets your needs for function and beauty. We’ll bring a photo gallery of ideas for inspiration and incorporate your creativity, too.
  • We’ll explore options for existing concrete patios. If you have a concrete patio that has cracks or chips, we’ll talk with you about repair options. Severely cracked or damaged concrete will need to be removed and replaced since the ground below it requires leveling and more stability. Discolored or moderately cracked concrete, however, can be resurfaced with an overlay after we determine the existing concrete is stable and the sub-base is sound. Concrete overlays can rejuvenate an existing patio with exciting textures, stamping, or color.

LHC Services installs concrete patios in the Richmond, Virginia area, including Midlothian, Chesterfield, and Powhatan. Contact our team to set up an appointment or to get more information about enhancing your home with a beautiful concrete patio. We’ll create a unique outdoor living space that will provide you with hours of enjoyment for many years.